Emanuel – Need You

Emanuel – Need You

With so much music out there and music being very subjective, it all hits us differently. Some music is a slow burn and some music instantly grabs you, and you feel every word. Emanuel has that music that is packed with soul on his new song “Need You”.

Emanuel creates a soulful body of work that is truly special with his new song “Need You”. The display of musicianship is truly admirable with acoustic production that works wonders being, matched with the great songwriting that is delivered by an amazing vocal performance that makes everything hit home. The video is equally amazing curated by Idris Elba with images from his inspirational collage that helped bring this together.

Emanuel’s “Need You” is a soulful musical experience you need to be apart of. It’s the perfect record to display his musical brilliance, with him crafting together a song that the world should hear. The production is just right, the lyrics are special, and the vocal performance brings everything full circle to make this song amazing.

Check out Emanuel “Need You” below and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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