Stoop Kids – Hues

Stoop Kids – Hues

In a song you can hear so many different things. You can hear hunger, bravado, swagger, and pain. All depending on what the artist wants you to know, but one thing you can’t hide is the work into the craft. No matter if a an artist only puts little effort or countless time, you can hear it in the quality of the music. That high quality sound you can hear in Stoop Kids new song “Hues”.

Stoop Kids work like supreme masters of their craft on the new song “Hues”. The polish and control in the flow is undeniable, as they rock the track every which way they choose, to the point you know they never slack when it comes to the music. The flows are fluid, the rhyming glides on air, and its all over a smooth soulful production with unlimited vibes.

Stoop Kids “Hues” is that super dope music that sounds like a song for the soundtrack of your life. It paints a picture for the listener to enjoy to the fullest, as they stand out as true emcees with infinite talent the world should hear.

Check out Stoop Kids “Hues” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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