Running Touch – Meet Me

Running Touch – Meet Me

One of the biggest reasons people fall in love with music is the stories. The journey the records take you on and the way that they connect to the listener. That couldn’t be more true for Running Touch with the new song “Meet Me”.

Running Touch is truly phenomenal with his new song “Meet Me”. Giving you just a superb display of musicianship that you can admire. The sound is intriguing and is the perfect score for the story telling, with the great songwriting that is delivered by the right vocal performance, that makes everything come together righteously.

Running Touch’s “Meet Me”  is master class musicianship at it’s finest. It’s truly a superb record from the vocal performance, the lyrics, and the production that puts all of his talents on full bloom for the world to enjoy listening to over and over again. 

Check out Running Touch “Meet Me” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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