Komanda – With Me

Komanda – With Me

A questions with so many different answers is “What makes a record special?”. What elements come together to just make a certain record stand out or something you connect to. It’s so many factors but some records you just know, this doesn’t come around everyday. That type of music Komanda has on their new record “With Me”.

Komanada makes the ultimate jam with their new song “With Me”. It’s a record packed with grooves and sex appeal that make you move. The music is undeniably engaging. As soon as you hit play it grabs you for an enjoyable experience that can bring bright lights to your darkest days. With everyone in the house, this record brings the party to you in a major way.

Komanda’s “With Me” is that fun music that makes everything feel fresh. It’s a record that allows it self to be taken in by the masses in a great way, to just simply make an enjoyable experience that the world deserves to be apart of.

Check out Komanda “With Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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