Toni Braxton – Do It

Toni Braxton – Do It

After an artist has success, the only thing that can keep them making great new work is the love of music. The desire to still being something creative and innovative to the table even though there’s nothing left to prove. Toni Braxton steps up and shows she still has something to bring the world on her latest release “Do It”.

Toni Braxton has a sound that so familiar, yet so fresh on the new song “Do It”. The signature vocals are amazing and delivers the message of letting go of a toxic relationship to perfection. The production creates a mood perfect with an acoustic piano and strings that makes everything felt that much more on this incredible record.

Toni Braxton’s “Do It” is that music that makes people fall in love with R&B music, as the music has an authenticity to it that can’t be faked as she gives a stellar performance on a brilliant song.

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