Charlotte OC – Falling For You

Charlotte OC – Falling For You

One thing that there’s no shortage of is new music. Daily new records are released by indie and major artists alike. With so much music its tough to stand out, but some records just have that appeal. That feel to it that makes it sound big and different from anything else in it’s class. That’s exactly how we feel about Charlotte OC’s new record “Falling For You”.

Charlotte OC sounds like a star on her new record “Falling For You”. Everything about the song has a natural mass appeal t it that works well. The production feels good and vibrant, setting the perfect stage for Charlotte to deliver the incredible vocals meant for the record. The writing is impressive and digestible making it a record for the masses.

Charlotte OC’s “Falling For You” is a record that will shine no matter the climate. It does everything to a stellar level, with a polished sound that is ready for the world to take in and enjoy. If you love good msuic this record is just waiting for you to press play.

Check out Charlotte OC “Falling For You” and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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