Dyo – Real (2020)

Dyo – Real (2020)

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is able to have the best weekend possible, with everything going on. We try to do our part in making things enjoyable, by bringing high quality music to you, and quality shines on the new record “Real (2020)” from Dyo.

Dyo brings a refreshing sound on her new song “Real 2020”. Dyo is daring in her approach bringing a level of transparency and honesty, that makes the track soulful. Her vocals shines and connect with the listener every single second, as she delivers impressive songwriting that anyone can feel in these times.

Dyo’s “Real 2020” is that amazing soul music that makes people fans for life. She bares herself to the listener and it pays off majorly for this special talent. She brings everything together to make an audio piece of art that anyone who listens will love.

Check out Dyo “Real 2020” and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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