2nd Generation Wu Featuring Method Man – New Generation (Remix)

2nd Generation Wu Featuring Method Man – New Generation (Remix)

Every artist wants to leave a legacy. Something that is a testament to their work ,that shines beyond their time. The testament of ones work  is the way it effects the people. No legacy touches the people like the Wu Tang legacy. A legacy that people acknowledge and follow like a religious sector. The Wu legacy still shines through with 2nd Generation Wu consisting of iNTeLL, son of U-God; PXWER, son of Method Man; SUN GOD, son of Ghostface Killah; and Young Dirty Bastard, son of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. With their latest release they link with Method Man for the “New Generation (Remix)”.

2nd Generation Wu and Method Man lyrically strap up and leave earth on their new song “New Generation (Remix)”. This collective of emcees spit gold standard Hip Hop, over this amazing production, that will have you rocking from beginning to end as they bring new life to the Wu legacy, as well as keep it going. Every line packing a heavy punch and being delivered with the ultimate conviction, on what is truly a standout record to make their presence felt.

2nd Generation Wu Featuring Method Man “New Generation (Remix)”is the kind of record you show someone if they need to know what real Hip Hop sounds like. The song is not only an incredible Hip Hop record but a record that puts on for the Wu Legacy in a major way. This is truly a master class performance of emceeing from the lyrics that hit hard, the high powered flows, and all over the production that knocks out your speakers to create an incredible experience.

Check out 2nd Generation Wu Featuring Method Man “New Generation (Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!






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