XNSH, MadLight, Yvng Manas & Xanny Phantom – lessons

XNSH, MadLight, Yvng Manas & Xanny Phantom – lessons

In the beginning of hip hop it was all about the relationship between the DJ and rapper. The two coming together as one to rock the house night in and night out. As hip hop evolved the producer substituted the DJ but still the same concept of making the best music possible. Many classics have been made by the perfect collabs coming together and producer XNSH and artists MadLight, Yvng Manas & Xanny Phantom have come together to make their own noise with the new song “lessons”.

XNSH crafts together a brilliant production that sounds like the new age bounce of the future with this exciting display of music that MadLightYvng Manas & Xanny Phantom vocals fit over perfectly. They rap masterfully on “lessons” with a melodic approach in the verses and chorus that makes it all click to it’s fullest potential.

XNSHMadLightYvng Manas & Xanny Phantom’s “lessons” is for music lovers everywhere. It’s everything you can hope to hear when you press play on a track from amazing production that you can get lost in and bounce to and an incredible vocals that makes this track have unlimited replay value.

Check out XNSHMadLightYvng Manas & Xanny Phantom’s “lessons” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!





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