Rae.Dianz Featuring Rugrat Nami – ACKUP

Rae.Dianz Featuring Rugrat Nami – ACKUP

A lot of music comes our way but it’s just some artists you grow very fond of. Some artists when you see a release from them, you get excited because you know no matter what you hear when you press play, you know you will love the record from beginning to end. An artists that has that feel is Rae.Dianz, as she delivers her rawest work to date with her new song “ACKUP” featuring Rugrat Nami.

Rae.Dianz steps in her bag and delivers nothing but major flavor on her new collaboration with Rugrat Nami called “ACKUP”. The production is amazing at setting a raw tone that makes you engaged to see what happens. From there Rae.Dianz and Rugrat Nami do their work with hard lyrics and undeniable presence in the flow that makes you rock to it with no limits.

Rae.Dianz Featuring Rugrat Nami “ACKUP” is a superb record that has everything that makes people fall in love with music. From the vocal performance, lyrics, and production. Everything does it’s part to make this track incredible and must hear.

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