Jance – 1200

Jance – 1200

Rappers are more than just artist who rhyme words together. They are the narrators and story tellers of our time. Being the voice of the people and bringing the news to us. That’s what Jance embodies on his new record “1200”.

Jance brings fun to these crazy times on his new song “1200”. The record is based on the stimulus check people should be getting, while doing it in a digestible way. The production has a nice bounce, with Jance bringing his signature style that makes him so relatable. The story telling is on point and the flow brings the right energy to make it engaging for every second of audio.

Jance’s “1200” is the type of record that makes music enjoyable. It’s the type of music that you enjoy, because it’s so much truth to it that it has a soul element to it that makes you dive into the record and just enjoy the artistry being displayed

Check out Jance “1200” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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