Music and fashion have always had a special relationship. Both playing a major role in shifting the culture and defining the times of our lives. It’s that special correlation that has brought together Roberto Reale (aka Neuro.b) and Paolina Consiglieri for Blekkett, a hip-hop and electronic music production house and a fashion consultancy agency, that you owe it to yourself to get familiar with. They were gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

What is Blekkett?

Blekkett is a brand created by the artists for the artists. Founded by Roberto Reale (aka Neuro.b) in 2015 as a small independent record label, and since 2020 in co-foundation with Paolina Consiglieri, it is a hip-hop and electronic music production house and a fashion consultancy agency.

What inspired you to get into music and fashion?

We both grew up with a profound passion for music and fashion, it’s something innate.

Roberto: I was connected and exposed to the world of music since I was born. 

My parents and siblings are economists, but they loved music and introduced me to a variety of sounds: my mama listened to opera, my father used to play the keyboards and my brother and sisters loved rock and hip-hop music. They always supported my growth, even when I decided to stop studying medicine to become a professional musician. 

Furthermore I always dreamed of getting in touch with the fashion world, and meeting Paolina was unbelievably matching with my passions and goals.

Paolina: Fashion has always been fundamental in my life. I started working as a model, then my passion got bigger and I started studying a lot. I wanted to go deeper and understand what’s behind the fashion system, so I founded a blog dedicated to emerging talents and specialized in digital communication. 

Music is one of my biggest passions since ever, my mum is a vocal coach, so music has always been there.

We are grateful for our individual visions as they fit perfectly and felt into place when we started our project together.

What’s the vision for Blekkett?

We exactly know where we want to be. It’s because we have a clear vision of our goals and dreams. We work to accomplish them. Blekkett can be a landmark for all those people who want to become their best version. We are striving to build the biggest community possible, helping creatives unleash their full potential by giving them all the tools they need to do it.

Our motto is indeed “Talent is given, Success is produced”.

What do you enjoy the most about running Blekkett? What do you find most challenging?

Blekkett began back in 2015, but only since 2020 is a brand and company. 

We are like freshmen in high school, with a dean mindset!

Since this is the beginning, the most challenging and enjoyable thing is giving our best to see grow our company,  understanding how we can improve our assets, what we do right and what we do wrong.

There’s no instruction manual to success, we simply enjoy the ride to it.

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own brand?

Surround yourself with great people, whom share your same vision and have your same core values.

Be bold, work with macro patience and micro speed.

Absolutely mute all voices around you and listen to who you are.

What can people expect next from Blekkett?

We just launched our first t-shirt, and we’re working to start our clothing brand.

Producing records is a big deal now, since we are looking for artists to enrich our roaster.

Plus, we are always focused on the wellbeing of our community, so we always create events and promote initiatives for charity, too.

Check out the Blekkett website and connect with Roberto Reale (aka Neuro.b) and Paolina Consiglieri on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!




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