SHDW Featuring NSVN – No Games

SHDW Featuring NSVN – No Games

An important thing for an artist is range. An artist who can take you to any side of the spectrum to make impressive music. Whether it’s throwing on a beat and just ripping it to shreds, or showcasing your story telling ability to make magic. SHDW does it all well and shows his versatility on the new song “No Games” featuring NSVN.

SHDW gives a complex love story on “No Games”, as he tells the story of living his dream, and mitigate some of the complications that occur while dating and hustling for your dreams. SHDW has the perfect balance of rapping with power, as you can hear the confidence in his cadence, but the vulnerability in his voice at a genius level that connects to the soul. He links with NSVN for the feature he delivers a masterful chorus to make it click on another level.

SHDW’s “No Games” is a creative and soulful record that shows his full range of artistry. It’s brilliant in its story telling and innovative in it’s approach from rapping, the vocal performance from NSVN, and production that makes for an incredible record.

Check out SHDW “No Games” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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