Mike G – Good Luck With That

Mike G – Good Luck With That

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone has had a good week and hopefully a good weekend no matter the conditions. Today we bring the best of the best for you and we know we have that with the new super dope record from Mike G called “Good Luck With That”.

Mike G is always consistent with the releases. Not only with quantity but with quality with his latest release “Good Luck With That” upholding his standard. The production knocks with nice drum work that sets the right tone for Mike to step in and deliver. He steps right in pocket and flows effortlessly, while giving impressive rhyming that stays sharp for every second of audio.

Mike G’s “Good Luck With That” is a record that Hip Hop lovers will enjoy every bit of. He’s mastered his style in every way with everything coming together in it’s own divine way to create a masterpiece for his ever growing discography of amazing music.

Check out Mike G “Good Luck With That” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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