Everyone debates if people are making real music. That question can be answered many ways but if you can feel the music, then it’s real. That type of music that touches the soul can be magic and B1GJuice has that magic with his new song “WINDOWS”.

B1GJuice embodies what it is to be an emcee on his new song “WINDOWS”. He makes poetry over this soulful production, that sets the stage for the masterful lyricism given to us by this Toronto rapper. His flow is filled with conviction that drives everything to the heart to make you feel every single word and cadence he chooses to deliver, to make his presence felt.

B1GJuice’s “WINDOWS” is that gold standard Hip Hop that purists and casual fans can enjoy alike. He gives his all to his music and you can hear the ultimate proof in his latest effort, as he creates an experience with unlimited replay value.

Check out B1GJuice “WINDOWS” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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