Jidé – How I Move

Jidé – How I Move

Happy Saturday!!! The weekend is in full swing and even though everyone is in the house, we still need some game changing music. That music that’s fresh and makes you want to move. That music we got for you with Jidé’s new record “How I Move”.

Jidé doesn’t waste a single second and gets in his bag on his new record “How I Move”. The production is infectious and sets the tone for an exciting display of music. He steps up with the upmost confidence and has a presence that can’t be ignored. The flow approach drips with flavor as he maneuvers through this record, with engaging bravado and swagger that makes you take on the feel of the record, and take on the world.

Jidés “How I Move” is your new favorite record that is waiting for you to press play. It’s that music that is fresh, ad makes you want to dive in to see what else he has in store, as he drops some of his finest work to date on this must hear record.

Check out Jidé “How I Move” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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