CEO of SomewhereJugn Boo talks Inspiration, SomewhereJugn, and What’s Next!

CEO of SomewhereJugn Boo talks Inspiration, SomewhereJugn, and What’s Next!

Music and fashion have always intertwined. Going hand and hand to create an impact on the culture. The two are so connected that they both have become crowded markets. The same way there’s an overflow of new artists, there’s an overflow of fashion brands. In order to stand out you have to be amazing and something fresh for the people, SomwhereJugn is that fresh thing for the people.

A clothing brand with high quality and great clothing to stand out from the pack, with must wear gear. CEO of SomewhereJugn, Boo was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us, for his brand. Below is the interview.

What is SomewhereJugn?

Funny you asked that….. I have a definition 

What inspired you to get into fashion?

When I was a teenager I loved to pull up looking fly. I would wear clothes from a lot of different designers and as my age increased so did the price I had to pay for the things I liked. Style goes through so many different phases and I’ve lived through a bunch of them, finally I said I want to be apart of this…. I want to be the guy designing the clothes that make people leave puddles when they step into the building. Don’t slip on the drip!

What’s the vision for SomewhereJugn?

My vision is simple supply a brand that also awakens something in our youth. A brand that makes them feel they can do anything go anywhere and be successful. Somewherejugn wants you to break through the glass ceiling and live limitless. 

What do you enjoy the most about running Somewherejugn? What do you find most challenging?

I enjoy working with my dope design team, putting projects together and the travel opportunities. My brand has opened a lot of doors for me to network and meet people I wouldn’t have. Everyday is a new challenge guess that is part of ownership. Not everyone in the industry is honest and you suffer just as many losses as you do success. I’m a believer and I definitely believe in myself it’s the Leo in me. 

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own brand?

Have Money I repeat have money. In all seriousness though be committed and don’t expect things to happen overnight. Do you research not just on materials but also what’s hot in the market. Last but not least network don’t count out the college kid that wants to draw a design because they aren’t known and don’t count on the established guy just because he’s established. Be open to making connections with everyone. 

What can people expect next from SomewhereJugn?

I’m currently working on launching my summer collection so keep your eye out. You can see all new items on my website and I’m really excited about a collaboration in the works with By Karen Beystedt. Checkout my merchandise in The Lost Warhols in the Beverly Center Los Angeles level 6. Tell her I sent you. 

Check out SomewhereJugn website and connect with them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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  1. Amazing Fella!!!!

    I been knowing the brotha for a long time and he definitely has inspired me to step outside of the box…..💯 keep up the good work Kudi

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