Ayelle Featuring Rationale – Choice

Ayelle Featuring Rationale – Choice

Everyone has their own idea and definition of what a real musician/artist is. For me a real artist is one who makes music with integrity and utilizes all their tools to the fullest ability, like being able to truly use your vocals as an instrument to convey a message, and painting vivid picture with your lyrics. All of these things are done masterfully by Ayelle with her new song “Choice featuring Rationale.

Ayelle links with London collaborator Rationale to make a brilliant sound with their new song “Choice”. It’s an amazing record that goes beyond critiquing and just a song you can enjoy ,with this special effort diving into their creativity to make magic. From the beginning to end, the musicianship displayed by them is truly brilliant and a master class of music.

Ayelle’s “Choice” is everything music supposed to be. The music is creative and innovative, with their own sound being on full bloom. The production is beyond great as well as the mixing, the lyrics tell an incredible story, and the right vocal performance that delivers the message perfectly, that makes this record stand out in every way.

Check out Ayelle Featuring Rationale “Choice” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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