Music is all about being creative. Showing the world how special your mind and style is to create records they fall in love with. An artist who takes a chances with doing their own thing, is one who is destined for success. That’s what TITUS gives you on his new soulful record “PICK US UP”

TITUS is a master at making soulful Hip Hop music with “PICK US UP” embodying everything he does right. Every line you feel in your chest, with each line being delivered with an authenticity that makes the game he gives out, feel like the gospel. His presence is undeniable and his message is one the world needs to hear, as he gives realism and positivity to help get us through.

TITUS “PICK US UP” is amazing music that shows what happens when an artist decides to not only focus on making dope music, but making music with power. It’s a standout song with unlimited replay value that is accompanied with visuals to help it shines to it’s fullest potential.

Check out TITUS “PICK US UP” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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