Everyone has things they like about Hip Hop, but over this way nothing beats an emcee throwing on a beat and lyrically going for theirs. Really trying to show their skills and being the voice we need to hear, as true emcees become the narrators of our time. That’s what Stanza taps into on his new song “WASH YOUR HANDS.”

Stanza was previously on Global Money World with his song “Warren Buffet”  and he’s back with more heat with his song “WASH YOUR HANDS.”. Stanza comes out on and spits with the ultimate conviction while, spitting hard lyrics in every line that you can feel. His presence is felt all over this track displaying supreme confidence on the mic with no hesitation, showing how high caliber of an emcee he really is and giving the word we all need.

Stanza’s “WASH YOUR HANDS.” is that real hip hop that keeps the culture moving.The rapping is masterful and he truly puts on a clinic to show what real emceeing is all about, with everything hitting on all cylinders to make a masterpiece.

Check out Stanza “WASH YOUR HANDS.” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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