Natalie McCool – Closure

Natalie McCool – Closure

Going through so much music you can only hope to find some good gems along the way but what’s even sweeter is finding the next big star. That artist you hear and you know for certain without a doubt they will be huge, and you will hear their name around the world. The person I am talking about is Natalie McCool with her new song “Closure”.

Natalie McCool is brilliant in her execution on her new song “Closure”. The sound comes from a genius level artist, as she digs deep and crafts together a beautiful record that’s honest and real. Natalie makes a super relatable record while, showing just how much of a star she is, with a talent level that some can only dream for.

Natalie McCool crafts together an incredible record with “Closure” with the vocal performance being amazing in it’s use as an instrument to create emotion, the brilliantly written lyrics, and the production being the perfect score for this tale that makes this song shine to the fullest.

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