Shilpa – Lonely

Shilpa – Lonely

The power of music is infinite. Being able to hear music and hear your own story, through the words of someone else, or being able to feel the emotion of records is what makes them last a lifetime. it’s that type of music that gets you through and Shilpa has that special music with her new song “Lonely”

Shilpa is nothing short of genius on “Lonely” with lyrics that connect to the mind and a brilliant vocal performance that connects with the soul. Shilpa is a master of truly connecting with the listener and this song is a shining example of that, as she has that special thing that not only makes you a fan of the music, but a fan of her the person.

Shilpa’s “Lonely” is a superb record that has everything that makes people fall in love with music. From the vocal performance, lyrics, and production. Everything does it’s part to make this track incredible and truly shows Shilpa‘s genius.

Check out Shilpa “Lonely” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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