Horus Gump – A Don After Dusk

Horus Gump – A Don After Dusk

A true mark of a great artist is one that can take their own personal experience and make incredible music. Baring their soul and making the listener grow true fan attachment to their work. All of that is what Horus Gump gives you on his new song “A Don After Dusk”.

Horus Gump keeps it all the way trill with his new song “A Don After Dusk”. The lyrics are as real as can be, being matched with a smooth hard flow packed with flavor, that bursts out the seams over this production that takes you back to Outkast “ATLiens” days. Horus drops game and tell his story throughout this track while showing incredible emceeing, that brings this track full circle to create an undeniable banger to enjoy.

Horus Gump “A Don After Dusk” is that real Hip Hop that makes people fall in love with this ever growing culture. His presence is felt all through this track as he shows the upmost confidence in himself, as well as his skills to connect all his talents from lyrics, flow, and delivery to make a must hear record.

Check out Horus Gump “A Don After Dusk” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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