NyuKyung – No Fear

NyuKyung – No Fear

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is keeping great spirits during these trying times, and in the mood for some good music. We always try to give you the best of the best to start the week, and we know for sure we have that ready with super lyricist NyuKyung blessing us with his new video “No Fear”.

NyuKyung has a pen that can’t be denied as he never slacks for a second and with his latest release “No Fear” he outdoes himself. The production is hard enough to handle the lyrical onslaught NyuKyung is known for with driving 808’s setting the perfect stage for him to deliver. NyuKyung steps up and gives quotables as soon as he starts, with impressive lyrics matched with a high powered flow that takes this record to a supreme level.

NyuKyung’s “No Fear” is impressive Hip Hop at it’s finest. With every track you can expect to hear a high level of talent, with his new record being no exception. From each facet of emceeing he hits the mark with sharp rhyming that makes him a must hear talent.

Check out NyuKyung “No Fear” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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