Kae Draco – 3 A.M. on U Street

Kae Draco – 3 A.M. on U Street

The legendary Quincy Jones once said “If you rap about what you know, the people will always feel you”. That statement is true, especially in a genre like Hip Hop that lives on being authentic. Being able to feel what an emcee is saying make things real, and the real is what you get from Kae Draco on her latest release “3 A.M. on U Street”.

Kae Draco has had a lot of impressive releases, but this maybe her in her finest hour on “3 A.M on U Street”. She spits with a high level of conviction to where even if you don’t know her or her story, you know for sure she’s not lying. The lyrics run deep and bring the story to life, as she raps with burning passion, over this beat that switches up midway for her to make an instant classic reminiscent of the intro from Meek Mill’s intro, to his debut project Dreams and Nightmares.

Kae Draco’s “3 A.M. on U Street” is supreme Hip Hop that connects with the people. It got a Global rating on our weekly live and for great reason. It hits every mark for a stellar record and is an undeniable piece of art.

Check out Kae Draco “3 A.M. on U Street” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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