Gwopped Up $peedy – Nah, Fr Tho

Gwopped Up $peedy – Nah, Fr Tho

A quote I once read was “Anything truly worth writing about, is truly unexplainable”. That’s exactly how we feel about Gwopped Up $peedy$peedy is a rarity in this game with him not only being very talented, but has a grind that is unmatched and his latest release “Nah, Fr Tho” shows just how focused he is.

Gwopped Up $peedy is not only a great rapper, but an all around great artist.He is a master at creating records with “Nah, Fr Tho” being a shining example of his skillset. The songwriting is incredible and shows just how strong his pen gets with every release. The flow stands out in the verses and the production is captivating enough to be the perfect stage, for the show he puts on for his fans.

Gwopped Up $peedy’s “Nah, Fr Tho” is the perfect record at the perfect time. He doesn’t waste a single second creating an engaging experience for the listener to enjoy, with everything being done just right. He continues to deliver every release and continues to rise in this game.

Check out Gwopped Up $peedy “Nah, Fr Tho” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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