slikk darko – play it by my rules

slikk darko – play it by my rules

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a good week and keeping up good spirits. Everyone is staying inside and need things to keep them entertained, we got the music that will do just that with the latest record from slikk darko called “play it by my rules”.

The new song by slikk darko is a record that is dripping with a hypnotic sound, that you can only get from thus creative. It’s a sound you can get lost to with the production on “play it by my rules” setting the perfect tone, for slikk’s wavy flow to carry this record to it’s rightful destination, with his slicker lyrics sliding through the track with ease to the listener.

The new record “play it by my rules” is the perfect ode to 314 day from this St Louis talent. The music is packed with unlimited vibes and innovative sounds that make it a stand out record. Everything compliments each other from the production, lyrics, and flow that make it a must hear work of art.

Check out slikk darko “play it by my rules” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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