Producer Spotlight: Robert Random

Producer Spotlight: Robert Random

With so much music coming out, some music sticks with you and some you lose the thought of. Robert Random’s “Focus” is one of those songs that stuck with us. The production stood out to us right away. The production was so creative, innovative, and had so much personality to it, we wanted to know who was behind the sounds. The genius behind the production was none other than Robert Random. He is a producer with extraordinary talent and he was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions on his work. Below is the interview!

Who is Robert Random the Producer?
I’m a Finnish producer with late 90’s sounds in my heart and a desire to update them to this decade. My influencers range from big names like The Chemical Brothers all the way to 70’s progressive rock. I like to create songs with unusual structures and typically without any choruses. My main focus is to produce songs I want to listen, explore different styles and combine them to something totally different.

How did you get into producing?
It’s been a long journey and learning process. I’ve always listened to all kinds of music and at the same time there has always been a desire to create my own songs. I can’t say a one single reason like ‘I heard that amazing song and I knew that I want to be a producer’. It’s more like I’ve practiced and experimented and slowly found my own style.

What production software do you use and why?
I saw this funny article ( about different producer types and I’m the trackerman. I use mainly Renoise and finalize songs with Reaper. I’m old enough to know those 90’s trackers and I started creating music with those so the tracker workflow feels natural.

What’s your creative process for creating “Focus”?
On my upcoming album “Focus” is mixed together with previous song and shares a lot of sounds. I experimented with dropping tempo to half of previous song and created first the repetitive simple baseline with drums. The main synth with strings came next and after that I knew I had a good song coming. Main influence for the faster part is from Private Investigations by Dire Straits. What can I say. Listen to lots of different music and melt them together.

What was your favorite project to work on?
At the moment definitely my upcoming album. For the first time I tried to create a “theme” album which has a cohesive sound. The songs are mixed together and they tell a little story. Yes that is possible even with an instrumental album.

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?
Lately I’ve been listening a lot more techno or breakbeat oriented stuff and found many musicians that are really inspiring. Skee Mask and Joy Orbison come to mind.

What’s next for Robert Random?
My new album “Hunt” is coming out on 17th of April. I guess it’s crazy to release an album when everyone releases only singles but personally I prefer albums. It’s always magical to listen to well crafted songs that link together and create an unique atmosphere. After this release I would like to try collaborating with vocalists. There are still lots of sonic worlds to explore.

Check out Robert Random “Focus” below as well as follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!




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