One of the best ways to gain and keeps fans is consistency. Giving quality work every time to the point people expect nothing but greatness when they hit play. That type of guarantee you can expect every time from the collective iLL CHiLDREN with their new record “GAS UP” being no exception.

The sound from iLL CHiLDREN is exciting on “GAS UP” with the flows that are fresh and engaging as they give you styles that have you excited on the edge of your seat. The flows come with impressive writing, that they are known for that, meshes well with the bass filled production and shows amazing record making skills, for an undeniable record and next level performance of Hip Hop.

The new record “GAS UP” from iLL CHiLDREN is the record the people need right now. iLL CHiLDREN approaches their music like master hitmakers and it’s present on this amazing track. The lyrics are sharp, and packed with flavor, the flows move everything forward, and it’s all delivered on the right production to make this a stand out track you need to hear

Check out iLL CHiLDREN“GAS UP” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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