Co-Stanza – I Don’t Mind

Co-Stanza – I Don’t Mind

Music is that thing that makes the world move. In any climate it’s always the right music that makes the world more enjoyable and keeps everything rocking. The music that does that the most is that music with the right melodies. The music that keeps your head nodding and jamming. Co-Stanza has that sound with his new song “I Don’t Mind”.

Co-Stanza brings it all together and shows you just how talented he is on the new record “I Don’t Mind”. The sound is very reminiscent of Maroon 5, with his radio ready sound. He gives great vocals and writing over an amazing production that is the perfect showcase for his to show his incredible talent for the world to enjoy.

Co-Stanza’s “I Don’t Mind” is a feel good record that the people need right now.. It’s a record that has a fresh approach that feels good to the mind and spirit, with an approach that is on another level, and can only come from a true musical master of their work.

Check out Co-Stanza “I Don’t Mind” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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