Wyatt Coleman – Talk With You

Wyatt Coleman – Talk With You

“We mixing our feelings. here we go again”

Many don’t know but when we first started covering artist it was only supposed to be a once a week thing. That once a week thing, quickly became a daily thing, which exposed us to incredible talent that we have been able to grow with. One of those incredible talents is Wyatt Coleman. Wyatt is a master of making records and is an artist who represents the new age of talent in a major way. With his latest release “Talk With You” he gives you everything you should expect from him.

Wyatt Coleman is a master of not only crafting records, but also story telling in a major way, as through each moment he takes you to, he brings emotion that brings it to life with “Talk With You” being a shining example of that. His flow is super fluid over this Versus beats production, as everything just goes smooth, with his slick wordplay shining to to the fullest to highlight his specialty of making hits.

Wyatt Coleman’s “Talk With You” is a smooth record that you can vibe out too. Everything comes together like it should from the super smooth production, the incredible writing, and the impressive flow that pushes everything along to it’s rightful destination from the speakers to the listener’s ears.

Check out Wyatt Coleman “Talk With You” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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