Cantrell – 11:59PM in Atlanta

Cantrell – 11:59PM in Atlanta

“Purpose don’t live in caution”

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend and keeping positive vibes during these trying times. For Mondays you can expect excellence in every way and today’s ultimate record comes from Cantrell with his new record “11:59PM in Atlanta”.

Cantrell is known for incredible lyricism and he shines in his latest release “11:59PM in Atlanta”. He let’s his thoughts run wild and you can hear it in his flow, that sounds like he’s letting these personal feelings out for the first time. His lyrics are raw and some of his most honest work to date, while still being lyrically sharp to bring the listener into his world in a genius way.

Cantrell’s “11:59PM in Atlanta” is him in his finest hour. He steps up and gives classic work, with you bring able to feel every facet of the record. The flow brings you in, and his pen guides the way over this intimate production that is the perfect stage for him to bring his thoughts to life.

Check out Cantrell “11:59PM in Atlanta: below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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