All of the Lights (Artist of the Week) 3/16/20- RGB

RGB is the All of the Lights artist for the week of March 16th!

All of the Lights is our way of showcasing the top artist of the week. That artist who embodies musical excellence in either Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Pop, Latin, or R&B. There were a lot of amazingly talented individuals, as well groups that were worthy of this honor, but we could only choose one. For the week of March 16th the artist selected is RGB!

RGB is an Tel-Aviv Based band that plays R&B / Pop. Their talent is undeniable with their debut single “Perspective” being the ultimate proof. The music is stellar in every way, with everything coming together in a magical way to create a one of a kind musical experience, you must be apart of. 

Congratulations to RGB being the All of the Lights Artist of the week!

Check out the original article on RGB on their song “Perspective” and follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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