Stilljune – Conflicts of Life Intro

Stilljune – Conflicts of Life Intro

“No time for feelings, when you trying to make millions”

Being able to get music daily, also means you get to become familiar with artists. Being able to hear their work and know when they can do better, and also when they’re in their zone. When we heard Stilljune’s “Conflicts Of Life Intro” we knew he was in his zone.

Stilljune steps up and delivers a masterpiece with his latest release “Conflicts Of Life Intro”. He’s always consistent with the releases, but with this release you just feel something special, as you can hear his signature delivery be filled, with even more conviction as his pen has sharpened to the point this production is cut into it’s tiniest pieces, to make this record undeniable.

Stilljune’s “Conflicts Of Life Intro” gives you every reason to be excited for his upcoming project. He delivers in every facet of his craft. From the lyrics, flow, and production it all connects to be stellar in every way.

Check out Stilljune “Conflicts of Life Intro” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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