Neak – Where’s The Love

Neak – Where’s The Love

“Please God, I hope he died loving all his blackness”

It’s important to acknowledge brilliance when it’s in your face. When you see or hear genius displayed, it’s important to give those flowers when you can and while you can. We have a full garden for the beyond superb Neak with his new song “Where’s The Love”.

When we picked Neak to be on of our Top Five Artist to Look Forward to in 2020 , we knew he would make an impact, but he makes us look like geniuses with his latest string of releases. Neak has been on a supreme level with his latest release “Where’s The Love” being a shining example of that. The production is incredible and Neak’s presence is powerful, with every line hitting you right in the chest with truth, that makes you feel every word.

When they say “Rap what you know, and people will feel you forever”, that’s what you get when you hear Neak’s Where’s The Love”. His music is authentic and filled with soul that makes him stand out like none other. Neak is a modern day poet who’s leading a renaissance that we should all be witness to.

Check out Neak “Where’s The Love” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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