Jane Machine – The Future

Jane Machine – The Future

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has had a good weekend, and ready to start off the new week. On Mondays we try our best to start the week of right with the best quality to bring to you. With high expectations it’s necessary that we get music from the right artist, and Jane Machine is the right artist with her new song “The Future”.

Jane Machine is not only a great artist, but a master at creating records with “The Future” being a shining example of her art. The production has a minimalistic and mysterious approach that works wonders, as it takes you into this new world you must be apart of, with an abstract feeling that makes you intrigued, as her as dreamy vocals guide the way to it’s rightful destination.

Jane Machine’s “The Future” is that amazing sound of music you need in your life. It takes you to the times of music being innovative and fun to discover, with a creativity that you don’t find just anywhere. Jane is truly a star on the rise and I recommend getting on the wave now before she is out of this world.

Check out Jane Machine “The Future”  below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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