Eli Seeney – New Day

Eli Seeney – New Day

“If you don’t know what you stand for, stand down”

There’s a lot of music out there but nothing will ever beat an undeniable record. A record that makes you feel , with the energy created by the artist, that you feel every word and instrument being played, to the point you know it was everything you needed to hear at that moment. That’s the type of music that makes you a fan for life, and you will be an instant fan of Eli Seeney on the new song “New Day”.

Eli Seeney brings you high class skills in every way on his record “New Day”. The production has an authentic boom bap tone to it, with the stage set Eli puts on a show filled with fireworks with his golden pen shining while he drops impressive bars all over this track. The rhymes are vicious and fits his style that’s packed with sophistication to show he’s not the average emcee you come across.

Eli Seeney’s “New Day” is audio perfection that gives more life to Hip Hop. He doesn’t waste a single second on the track or your time, to give you an exciting display of music that can only come from a master emcee.

Check out Eli Seeney “New Day” and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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