SENU∆ – 4:44 EP (Album Review)

SENU∆ – 4:44 EP (Album Review)

One of the major factors that help music stick with you is authenticity. That music you hear from an artist that you feel to the point, you know it’s real and feel the emotion to the point you take it on. That authenticity is a rarity but some artists still pull it off, Grand Rapid’s own SENU∆ pulls it off on her new EP “4:44”. SENU∆ is a buzzing talent that anyone who is familiar has their eyes on. With everyone watching she delivers a masterpiece. Below is a break down of her debut EP.

Questions (Intro):  “Why must I endure the beauty of these consequences” A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production is simplistic, yet engaging, with drum, piano keys, and background harmonies, that lets the spotlight shine on the honest writing, and vocal approach that allows her to bare herself to the listener the best way possible.

Here to Claim: With the stage set SENU∆ showcases her signature vocals. The production picks right up where the intro left off, creating an intimate space for her to create. The singing is powerful and the lyrics even more. The music takes you to the time of music being therapy, with her truth shining to the fullest and making you feel every word like it’s your own story.

Don’t Let This Go: “How could we let our love die” SENU∆ shines on this track that may be my personal favorite.The production keeps this project sonically brilliant, with everything flowing just right, and allowing the listener to focus on the talent we’re here for. What SENU∆ does the best on this project is set a mood with this track being a prime example. The record alternates between spoken word and singing that brings an admirable amount of soulful sophistication to the record, that separates this young talent from the pack.

Go Time: The perfect finale for an amazing body of work. The finale finishes with fireworks to show just how swaggy she can get on a record. The production is hard with 808’s knocking and SENU∆ taking over this record with dope lyrics, accompanied with a vocal cadence that drives the track to it’s rightful destination, and ends the project with the exclamation mark it deserves.

SENU∆‘s “4:44 EP” is what you get when an artist can be as creative and honest as possible. The creativity and execution of her musical skills is truly unique, as well as music brilliance, as she let’s her message be felt as well as well her genius. With all eyes on SENU∆ she delivers every way and leaves you wanting more, as well as wondering what she will do next.

Check out SENU∆“4:44 EP” below and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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