Siv Jakobsen – Island

Siv Jakobsen – Island

Music is all about being creative. Showing the world how special your mind and style is to create records they fall in love with. As much as music can be a copycat trendy thing, it’s still the music made by creatives and innovators that moves everything forward. An artist that has that special creative thing is Siv Jakobsen with her new song “Island”.

Siv Jakobsen has something special you can’t deny on her new song “Island”. Siv is daring in her approach and it pays off majorly for this special talent, as she has the charisma of stars on this one of a kind audio art. It’s a record that is infectious and will have you listening repeatedly with her intriguing display of music being on full bloom.

Siv Jakobsen’s “Island” is amazing music that shows what happens when an artist decides to let their creativity shine. It’s a standout song with unlimited replay value that you will be hearing from fans all over the world. 

Check out Siv Jakobsen “Island” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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