Lex Leosis – GEMINI

Lex Leosis – GEMINI

Hip Hop is major genre that has rose to prominence for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the story in the music. The ability to be daring and bring issues to light helped it become major. That authentic feel makes it real and that’s what Lex Leosis brings you on the new song “GEMINI”:

Lex Leosis¬†has talent and a message that can’t be denied with his new song “GEMINI”. The sound is powerful and appealing, with a commanding presence that grabs you in to listen to what she has to say.¬†Lex understands the power of music with her daring approach to this record that is accompanied, with a authentic emceeing, while delivering incredible lyrics over this amazing production.

Lex Leosis “GEMINI” is an outstanding body of work the world should hear. The record is truly a smash being able to combine a mainstream song with incredible writing, that the world will love. The vocals are gold, the lyrics are amazing, that make for a piece of work nothing short of brilliance.

Check out Lex Leosis “GEMINI” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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