Neak and Since9ine6ix – Abstract

Neak and Since9ine6ix – Abstract

“Blind to the blunder”

A big part of what makes all of this function is great music. If there is no great music, then there is no content. Amazing artist really makes this whole thing go and whenever we get a record from Neak, we know to expect great things with his latest effort “Abstract” with Since9ine6ix, being a shining example of that.

Neak and Since9ine6ix come to together like magic for the new song “Abstract”. Their chemistry is immaculate as they compliment each others style to perfection with their poetic and fluid rhyme styles, dropping gems all through this special piece of audio to help it shine to the fullest.

Neak and Since9ine6ix’s “Abstract” delivers a stellar performance as the two come together in a divine way to give you Hip Hop just the way it should be. They give you everything you could ask for from an emcee and more as they display excellent work on the mic, that makes for amazing music at every turn.

Check out Neak and Since9ine6ix “Abstract”  below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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