We get a lot of music here at Global Money World and with all of the music we get, we hardly ever post an instrumental by itself.In order for us to do this the music has to be beyond genius level work. Music that speaks for itself and takes you on a journey better than any words could. That what KLANGPLANET does with his latest release “Africa”

KLANGPLANET is brilliant in his latest musical effort “Africa”. It’s packed with incredible grooves and melodies that take you away, and puts you right in the motherland with music that is pure. It’s music that makes you feel and is incredible display of music that, shows just how creative music can still be present day.

KLANGPLANET’s “Africa” is a smash of a production that can be the soundtrack for any dreamer’s life. The vision and feeling the beat evokes is everything that makes people fall in love with music. The inspirational feeling of it makes it a real experience you don’t want to miss.

Check out¬†KLANGPLANET “Africa” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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