Criss Jrumz – Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla)

Criss Jrumz – Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla)

“If I hustle I’m bound to get it”

Hip Hop has a lot of great elements. So many different elements for the listener to enjoy. Something that is always refreshing is impressive lyricism. An emcee throwing on a beat and delivering bars that can each stand on their own as a impressive quotable. That’s what Criss Jrumz brings on his new song “Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla)”.

Criss Jrumz pen is supreme on the new song “Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla). Criss throws on this Dilla beat and does this production extreme justice. His pen is known to be sharp and with each release it gets sharper. Each line popping out and as soon as you think you’ve heard your favorite bar, he gives you another one to enjoy.

Criss Jrumz (Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla) is a soulful display of Hip Hop that hits every mark for a super dope record. It’s another impressive record to add to his catalog with him displaying greatness in every facet of music to make enjoyable music for his old and new fans alike.

Check out Criss Jrumz “Lift Off (Remix by J Dilla) below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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