Y & Elio – Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis

Y & Elio – Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis

“F**k the five start, just flash me”

For those who do not know we are located in the Midwest. Right now we are experiencing cold conditions. As cold as it is Y and Elio come together to crate a style that could melt any weather, with their hot rhymes that cannot be denied on the new record “Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis”.

Y & Elio brings you the new age style of NY Hip Hop that is set to help it rise back to prominence, as well as take you back to a time to when being an emcee, meant having integrity on the mic on their new song “Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis”. They come together to spit gold standard Hip Hop, over this amazing production that will have you rocking from beginning to end. Every line packing flavor and being delivered with masterful precision, on what is truly a master class performance.

Y & Elio’s “Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis” is the kind of record that’s dope to the point you have to show someone else.. They take this ode to a Playstation classic, and play no games on the mic with incredible Hip Hop being made to bump out your speakers.

Check out Y & Elio “Wild Taxis / Crazy Taxis” below and follow them on and Instagram Stay Global my Friends!



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