Why’s it wrong when it feels so good”

The most selfless type of music is music that can make people dance. Music that can touch the masses and make people feel good enough to do something with all of the great energy they feel from the record. That music is for the people and what people need during these times. LODATO gives you music you can rock to with his new release “Good”.

LODATO makes an undeniable smash with his new record “Good”. It music that is entertaining and enjoyable as he puts together a record that feels good to hear, as it’s laced with infectious grooves and melodies that is pure magic. The production is complimented by a great vocal performance and the right lyrics to make it all come together in a divine way to make a sure fire hit.

LODATO’s “Good” is an amazing record that shows how fun music can be. It focuses on what the people need and gives all the good vibes it needs, to create a jam for the world to enjoy in every way.

Check out LODATO “Good” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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