Poundz – Smooth Criminal

Poundz – Smooth Criminal

We’re a fan of a lot of things, and one of those is an artist going for it. An artist who’s music you listen to, and know they’re not holding anything back. Giving you music that you can hear that they’re not only going for making great music, but trying to go to another level. That’s what Poundz gives you on his new song “Smooth Criminal”.

Poundz is incredible at bringing you into his world on his new song “Smooth Criminal”. He truly rolls up his sleeve and gets to work, firing on all cylinders to make amazing music. The production sets the right tone with captivating bass and 808’s, that are a match made in heaven for his flow approach, as his lyrics glide all over this track.

Poundz “Smooth Criminal” is an artist going for the top at it’s finest. Letting his style shine to the fullest as he takes his music to another level. The music is fresh and new, as he leaves takes the record to the moon on this ode to MJ.

Check out Poundz “Smooth Criminal” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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