Producer Spotlight: Perhopes

Producer Spotlight: Perhopes

It’s always a pleasure to review artists on the site, but it’s always important to highlight the sound men of the world. The composers who craft the soundtracks for our life. A true embodiment of the Producer Spotlight is Perhopes. He has a diverse range of sounds that make him the complete package that everyone should hear. The spotlight is on Perhopes. The interview is below. 

Who is Perhopes the Producer?
I’m a french guy, 30yo very soon, IT engineer, I produced some electro clash and progressive house in the past under some aliases (The Dirty Squirrels and Luka Cheerys). I choose to produce under that name when I had some very personal tracks which not fitted the others aliases. 

I submitted the tracks to Owl Vision, he liked it and told me that he would signed it but he didn’t liked my old aliases and… Perhopes is born ! After some time I feeled very fulfilled by producing that kind of personal music with a lot of freedom. I think he made me find my own path, my own signature sound.

How did you get into producing?
I was 12 years old, my parents, bro and me were in a car and my dad listened to the radio. The radio played “Better of alone”, I asked my dad “What kind of instrument is that ?!” he answered “electric piano”… And I was vey curious about this “sound”.The main track which leads me to try to reproduce a sound was “Benny Benassi – Satisfaction”, I found an old cracked version of Ejay and made my first beat trying to reproduce that intriguing sound.

What production software do you use and why?
I am a convinced user of Ableton Live.
I tried a lot of DAW, FL, Logic, Studio One… but my workflow fits perfectly with Ableton Live. I think I begin working with that DAW on Ableton Live 6, it was a huge change for me from FL but… I don’t know why, at this time I was not confort with automations on FL…

To complete with others tools, I use a lot Sylenth, Serum sometimes when I need to, but always with a lot of processing.
As my signature sound is a bit heavy, dirty, I use a lot of distorsion (I send my synths to my distorsion pedal with some tweaks and… the magic happens !).
I use some hardware too like the Arturia MicroFreak, Moog Minitaur or Roland JU-06A.

What’s your creative process for creating “Not So Guilty”?
I used to make sequences, I love making sequences with a lot of energy and work around it. This time I have brought others elements alongside the kind of signature loop of my sound.
The chords, the kind of “brassy” sound. It wasn’t the track I expected at the begining but the inspiration at the moment was great and I decide to keep it because it represents a moment in my life, something which happened and unexpected. 

What was your favorite project to work on?
I think the circumstances in which I did “Renaissance” make this project the most special for me. It was during my studies, in a student hostel. A friend of mine did not yet have a place in this hostel and I shared a room with him. I made this song one night while he was sleeping. It was nice to have this inspiration and also very interesting to try to get the sound of an electric guitar before the last drop.

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?
I would love to work with Vitalic on the composition aspect. I really like his style, his disco/rave inspirations. For the more technical aspect and sound processing I would like to be able to mix/master with Joachim Garraud or SebastiAn.

What’s next for Perhopes?
An LP of about 9 tracks will be released in early 2020. It is in the process of being finalized and in a rather dark style, close to “Tremens” or “Schizophrenia”. Apart from this project I’m currently working on a more vocal track that I think will be released later this year. 

Check out Perhopes “Not So Guilty” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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