Schama Noel – ?uestions

Schama Noel – ?uestions

“Do you ever crave attention from another man”

Happy Sunday!!! Thank you all for rocking with us another week to enjoy some great music that we have to offer. Music can come from anywhere but today’s ultimate jam is from the familiar source Schama Noel. The super talented artist who out does himself every outing. With his latest release “?uestions” he ups the bar for himself.

Schama Noel is a wizard and master of song writing but his pen on “?uestions” is purely supreme. Schama crafts together a musical masterpiece over this dope production that takes you back to the days of just throwing in your headphones, and vibing out for a lifetime. Schama’s many talents are on display with the the raps being as fluid as ever, with super relatable lyrics, while he continues to grow infinitely on every song.

Schama Noel’s “?uestions” is another record for his wine style of music in the essence of getting better with the time. Schama‘s record making is magic at every turn and is truly in tune in his artistry to paint a picture, for the listener to see the vision in it’s brightest form.

Check out Schama Noel “?uestions” below, as well as his new project “Eternal Feel Vol 2” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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