Ramz – Belong To The Streets

Ramz – Belong To The Streets

“I can make your girl take off her clothes, with out trying”

It’s safe to say pretty much every one makes music present day. Every day there’s new rappers and new music to take in. With so mnay people making music there is still few understand how to make music for the masses. Few artists know the key is to make music that is engaging and entertaining for the people to hear. Ramz understands this perfectly and delivers a smash with his new song “Belong To The Streets”.

Ramz give the people what they want with his new song “Belong To The Streets”. The record is a fun and exciting record that you can enjoy limitlessly. He shines like a star with his undeniable charisma and braggadocios approach to his rap style, that works wonders all over this track to create an experience you must be apart of.

Ramz “Belong To The Streets” is a record you must hear and enjoy now. He gives you amazing music that can rock anywhere in the world with everything coming together, from the music and visuals to shine like gold.

Check out Ramz “Belong To The Streets” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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