Diomer Featuring Jered Sanders – WORK FOR IT

Diomer Featuring Jered Sanders – WORK FOR IT

“Get up, work for it”

One of the many reasons why people fell in love with Hip Hop is the message in the music. The gems you would hear, while being entertained by this thriving genre of music, as always made it a stand out. Being able to hear a record and realized you’ve been giving knowledge to help you grow. That music lasts with the listener and Diomer’s new track “WORK FOR IT” featuring Jered Sanders is one of those type of records.

Diomer and Jered Sanders blesses us with a track that is overflowing with swagger with his new song “WORK FOR IT”. The performance is on another plateau, as they command your attention with upper echelon rapping that they give praise to the most high for, while carrying this track to it’s dopest destination with ease. The flow is infectious as they ride the waves of this production, while giving gems in every bar that makes this song undeniable.

Diomer featuring Jered Sanders “WORK FOR IT” is a record for fans and new listeners to enjoy alike. Everything is there to make this song supreme. The approach is brilliant, the flow is infectious, and all delivered masterfully over the perfect production to make this track an instant classic.

Check out Diomer featuring Jered Sanders “WORK FOR IT” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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